Small team, big impact!

We understand what it’s like to be the underdog.

We make a conscious effort to do good (beyond creating wonderfully unique and engaging content) by supporting others in whatever way we can.

As a team, we’re committed to expanding the positive impact we can have on the world by giving back to worthy causes, both locally and further afield.

How we’ve helped so far…

Doing good is a lifelong journey – and we hope you’re strapped in, because we’re about to go on quite the ride.

Our humble content writing agency may be little, but that doesn’t mean our impact on the world can’t be huge!

Here are some of the ways we’ve already helped people and organisations around the world. We’re super excited to continue to do good in as many ways as possible!

Mentoring digital agency owners at uGurus

Abby Wood, owner and founder of The Content Lab, puts her years of industry experience and expertise to good use in a big way.

Abby is a dedicated mentor at uGurus, where she gets to help freelancers, web designers, and digital agency owners find their professional footing, navigate the industry, and grow their businesses in a way that feels right to them.

Delivering pro bono website text to worthy causes

In a digitalised world, content holds serious power. Unfortunately, it’s often the organisations that need expertly-crafted content the most who can’t afford it.

So, why not use our valuable skills to do good? Each year, we gift a worthy cause of our choosing with a professionally-written and optimised website to help boost their online visibility, so they can keep doing their amazing, necessary work.

In 2022, we wrote a fresh website for a local non-profit that supports the children’s ward in University Hospital Waterford so they can expand their reach, raise awareness, and ultimately raise more funds for the children of South East Ireland.

Adopting a seal from Seal Rescue Ireland

As avid lovers of animals and all things floof, it’s not lost on us how on-brand it is for The Content Lab to adopt a seal.

But as writers, we’re acutely aware of the power of words. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping our adorable little animal friends who don’t have a voice.

Our team visited the seal sanctuary, got to see how they take care of the seals and protect their population, fed them smelly fish, and were lucky enough to adopt our very own bebe, aptly named Barn Owl. <3

Working with The Admin Bar

Community is such a huge part of the online space, and we love being part of The Admin Bar community on Facebook. 

Our team is actively engaging with the TAB group, giving and receiving sage advice from people who are experts in their niche.

But we don’t just have a lot to learn from this group, we also provide informative (and fun!) guest blogs every month for The Admin Bar blog – you should check them out!

non-profits and people in need

While we may not be some massive global conglomerate capable of donating large sums to charity, we can still make a big difference with smaller efforts and heartfelt intentions.

To support and empower people around the world, we’ve partnered with Kiva, an organisation that allows you to contribute what you can to various loans posted by communities and individuals who need financial help to reach their goals.

From helping a woman in Jordan afford to study her Bachelors in English to helping a family in Vietnam install a clean water system, we’re delighted to have helped them on their journeys in some small way.

To see our latest funded projects, check out our Kiva profile.

Who we’ve funded so far with Kiva…

Rama is an English language student from Jordan who was determined to graduate so she can qualify for a career. Our team decided to help Rama with her tuition fees so she wouldn’t have to postpone her education any longer.

Read Rama’s full story here.

Adi’s loan helped her buy fresh baking ingredients and baking equipment to expand her catering enterprise, and get the funds to send her children to school.

Read Adi’s full story here.

Ela’s loan helped to build a greenhouse and buy other contributing items. She’s extremely talented and passionate when it comes to flowers and we were delighted to help her succeed in building a greenhouse to properly shelter her flowers.

Read Ela’s full story here

From Vietnam, Nga is a mother of three and wanted to provide her young children with clean water. Her loan was to buy construction materials to build a water tank and install the pipes necessary in her home. 

Read Nga’s full story here

After dreaming of opening her own business for years, Neli opened a small pet shop in the garage of her house in 2012. With some help thanks to Kiva, Neli has been funded to expand her business to a larger premises. 

Read Neli’s full story here

Ednelyn is a hardworking mum and wanted to get enough money to install a sanitary toilet for herself and her family. 

Read Ednelyn’s full story here

Nildha is a busy woman making and selling clothing in her area. To meet the increasing demand for her clothes, she wanted to get an industrial loom for her business and we can happily say it’s been funded! 

Read Nildha’s full story here

A skilled seamstress and embroiderer, Husniya has been in the embroidery business for 30 years! She wanted a loan to buy more fabric and to continue her embroidery business. 

Read Husniya’s full story here


Dora is the third of five siblings and wanted to pursue higher education after her sister’s success. This year she was accepted into Kepler College and wanted some financial support to cover her tuition fees! 

Read Dora’s full story here.


Ketevani is a dedicated university student with a passion for learning everything she can about the endocrine system. She was facing a financial difficulties and wanted to continue her academic studies so reached out in hopes of a student loan. 

Read Ketevani’s full story here


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