Effective email marketing strategies: Tailored to you and your audience

You’ve worked hard and gathered a database of email subscribers. Congratulations!

Whether they’re cold leads, existing customers, or website visitors who downloaded a lead magnet, you’ll need a plan to push out marketing emails and newsletters they’ll actually look forward to reading. Otherwise, your audience might leave you ‘unread’, stick you in spam, or worse – unsubscribe.

But chances are, as a busy business or agency owner, you’ve got enough on your plate (and enough emails to deal with already!) without adding an email marketing strategy and content creation to the mix.

We can take the task right off your hands, with a carefully-crafted strategy and expertly-written email campaigns and newsletters tailored to you, your clients, and your audience – so you can focus on everything else on your list!

Personalised content that keeps them coming back for more

A solid email campaign or newsletter is your chance to connect with your audience one-on-one, sharing industry insights, the latest updates, and special offers.

We put all this (plus a personal touch) into every email marketing strategy we craft.

Turn your contact list into loyal customers with clickable subject lines and high-quality content

We’re the experts when it comes to writing enticing subject lines that don’t cross over to the dark side of click-bait territory.

It’s a fine line to balance, so leave it up to the professionals to get it right.

Not only will your audience feel compelled to keep reading, they’ll be delighted with what they find inside: engaging, high-quality content, delivered right when they need it the most.

Our email marketing process

We’ve created a streamlined process to ensure we nail your email strategy. Tell us about your business and your goals, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  1. Content call: If you’re a new client, we’ll jump on a 30-minute call with you or your client to get to know your tone of voice, your target audience, and the best email topics for your marketing strategy
  2. Content writing: We’ll get to work researching and writing each email for your upcoming campaign
  3. Feedback: Let us know if you need any tweaks or edits, and we’ll gladly take care of them for you to make sure everything is right on the mark and ready to go
  4. Schedule and send: Your emails are ready to be loaded up and scheduled for delivery!
  5. All-in-one: Want us to take care of it all? Let us know what email software you use, and we’ll come back with pricing and our process for your platform of choice

Why choose The Content Lab for email marketing services?

We know what it’s like to get spammed with marketing emails that completely miss the mark, and we believe you, your clients, and your audience deserve better. 

With a decade of experience under our belts, and a finger always on the pulse of the latest and best industry practices, we create distinctly unique and original email content that lands and converts. Trust us, your readers will thank you.

Writing our clients’ paths to success, one email at a time