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"If you have a tricky situation with a client, having that trusted partner by your side is a massive value-add to your agency"


Addictivity is a UK-based digital agency known as the go-to for recruitment businesses. When it came to their web design projects, they kept encountering the same issue: copywriting bottlenecks. Waiting on their clients to write the copy themselves was seriously delaying projects, payments, and client satisfaction. They desperately needed copywriting support, but didn’t need a full-time copywriter in-house. The solution? A flexible, trusted partnership with The Content Lab!


For the past few years, we’ve been helping Addictivity with all of their copywriting needs. From website copy and lead magnets to video scripts and blogs, we’ve done it all for Addictivity – so they (and their clients) can focus time and energy on their talents and leave the copywriting to the pros! They no longer hit web copy roadblocks, and their clients enjoy a smooth copywriting experience that perfectly encapsulates their brand! It’s a win-win.

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You’re not a professional copywriter, and neither are your clients. Partner with a trusted content agency to fill the copywriting talent gap and delight your clients with competitive, compelling, and SEO-friendly content.