Gimme Some Sugar: Client Appreciation Ideas for Digital Agencies

Eithne MacSweeny

Uncertain times. A phrase likely to send shudders down the spine of just about anyone after the collective experience of that which shall not be named. (I’m talking about Covid, just in case you’ve already banished the last few years to a locked-away memory.)

Just when we thought we could leave the ghost of uncertain times firmly behind in 2020, where it belongs, 2023 served up a fresh batch for digital agencies worldwide.

For many digital agencies, it’s been a challenging year for maintaining a steady income, retaining a healthy client base, and not waking up in a nightmare-induced cold sweat.

That’s why it’s never been more important a time to focus on and nurture the relationships you have with your existing customers.

Why is showing customer appreciation so important anyway?

Like all good relationships, client relationships are built on trust, communication, and appreciation.

Showing your customers just how much you appreciate them makes them feel seen and like a valued part of your world, while also offering a great opportunity to engage with them on a deeper level.

With 68% of customers will not return to a business they feel doesn’t care about them, it’s safe to say that if you don’t take the time to show considered and genuine customer appreciation, before you know it your clients will be packing up their bags, taking the dog, and going to their mom’s house for a while.

Or, in non-2000’s-rom-com-terms, taking their business elsewhere.

Making sure your clients feel like valued customers not only strengthens your working relationship with them but also increases the likelihood of them doing business with you again.

Customer appreciation ideas to show your clients just how much you care <3

It’s pretty clear by now just how crucial it is to show your customers the love and appreciation they deserve.

So, now it’s time for the main event, the pièce de résistance: the top customer appreciation ideas we’ve found most beneficial as a digital agency.

1. Ensure timely responses and clear communication

Good customer service is the foundation of any business, whatever industry you’re in.

Being as responsive and transparent as possible with your clients will help them feel supported and let them know that you genuinely care about their needs.

In fact, 95% of Americans say that receiving communication that makes them feel appreciated impacts whether they will continue doing business with a company.

When you make a conscious effort to provide an excellent customer experience along with offering your awesome products or services, your clients will reward you in turn for your dedication to them by becoming long-standing, loyal customers.

2. Seek customer feedback and act on it

Another great way to make your customers feel valued is to show them that you take their considerations and perspectives on board.

Encourage customers to give you feedback on the customer experience so you can adapt to meet their expectations and continue providing value to them.

Nobody likes a business that says “your opinion matters” and then proceeds to continue on as if nothing happened, like a news reporter who just accidentally proclaimed a particularly fruity profanity on live television.

Ensure that you act on the feedback where possible and make changes to your service offerings if and where it makes sense so that they feel truly heard and appreciated.

3. Reward loyal customers with a loyalty program

Everyone loves a good bargain.

So, why not offer a customer loyalty program for long-term clients? This could be anything from a free one-time service or discount to access to insider information for free.

Or, if a loyal existing customer refers another client to you, you can create exclusive referral rewards to incentivise them to spread the good word.

Customers who come to a business by referral are 37% more likely to remain repeat customers, so you know your efforts won’t be in vain!

As part of your customer appreciation strategy, you can also give clients access to a free online webinar or customer appreciation event.

Most loyal customers are already invested in what you’ve got to offer, so they would be delighted to attend virtual client appreciation events for free as a reward. Also, it’s another great way to engage with your clients, which is what we always love to hear!

4. Champion and support your clients’ efforts

At the end of the day, don’t we all just want to be loved? :’) * Wipes away single tear *

Promote your clients’ products and services online and celebrate their achievements by sharing the news far and wide across your social media channels.

This ensures that your customers feel appreciated and also gives insight into what it would be like to work with you for potential clients who follow you online.

When possible, become a customer of theirs too! You can back them by purchasing their products, subscribing to their mailing list, or attending online events they might be hosting for extra moral support.

5. Send personalised thank-yous on special dates

Whether it’s their anniversary of working with you or a particular holiday is coming up, take the opportunity to send personalised thank you notes to each one of your individual clients.

Or, surprise your clients by sending them a little gift on National Customer Appreciation Day, which is April 18th every year!

Don’t worry; there are tons of e-card options available online if you’ve got a loyal customer in a different country, so you’re covered even if you work remotely.

Stuck with client appreciation gift ideas? Try ordering something locally produced that you think will mean something to them or even gifting them a ticket to an online event you think they’d be into – because, realistically, who doesn’t love free stuff?

6. Check-in and show interest

Whether you’re dealing with new customers or clients you’ve had since the beginning, it’s super important to ensure each one always feels supported and like an appreciated member of your community.

A great customer appreciation strategy is consistent and prevents anyone from falling through the cracks.

Make a spreadsheet (yay, spreadsheets!) of all your clients so you can check in with each of them monthly or however regularly makes sense for your business.

Ask them how they’re getting on working with you and just in general too, because hey, they’re more than just customers; they’re people too. (Unless of course you run a business that caters exclusively to dogs, in which case you are very much living the dream.)

We appreciate you!

At The Content Lab, every day is Customer Appreciation Day!

Want to join our awesome community of clients from all over the world?

We’d love to help you with all of your content needs!

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