How To Sell Copywriting Services To Your Clients

Eithne MacSweeny

You’re working hard to create the most cutting-edge, sophisticated websites for your clients. (Go you!)

While you’re smashing everything on the branding, design, and development end, something is still missing: professional, compelling copywriting.

A website without good copy is like biting into a gorgeous-looking chocolate, anticipating a gooey truffle centre, only to make the horrifying discovery that it’s completely hollow.

It is frustrating, a waste of what could have been a wonderful thing, and deprives the end user (reader, chocolate eater, or both) of a valuable experience.

You know that copywriting services are an essential part of the success of any website, and yet, some of your clients are reluctant to purchase them as part of their marketing strategy.

After all of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into developing the website, the last thing you want is for it to fall short because of poorly written web page copy that alienates your audience and doesn’t even register on search engines.

Why can it be so difficult to sell copywriting services?

Usually, when a client tells you they want to do their own copywriting for their website copy, you fear you may be about to witness a slow car crash.

You’re likely to be waiting months on end to receive the finished product, and even when you get it, it’s simply not going to be up to scratch.

But that doesn’t have to happen!

There are various reasons your client might think they’re better off writing their own copy for their website.

Understanding why they feel that way can help you present a better argument as to why hiring a professional copywriter will not only make their life easier but also deliver better results in a fraction of the time.

Here’s what might be going on with your copywriter-resisting clients:

  • They think they can write copy themselves
  • They’re worried about budgetary restrictions
  • They already have copy, but it’s not optimised
  • They’re concerned about adding more time to the project
  • They have difficulty letting go of control
  • They had a previous bad experience with a copywriter
  • They don’t understand just how effective copywriting
  • They’re unsure why you’re outsourcing your copywriting

So, why is copywriting so important?

The role of professionally crafted, expertly written web copy in improving the overall quality of your websites should not be understated.

In fact, content is right up there with design and development in creating seamless, powerful websites.

Here’s how:

  • It raises brand awareness and establishes customer trust
  • It helps you speak directly to your target audience and relate to them on an emotional and human level
  • Generate more organic traffic and high-quality leads with it
  • SEO-written content helps you rank higher on search engines
  • Good conversion copy is very successful in persuading the readers to complete desired actions

How to sell your copywriting services

To successfully sell copywriting services to your clients, whether outsourcing to a freelance copywriter or a copywriting agency like us, you’ve got to prove to your clients it’s a necessity, not an option.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Showcase the power of professionally written copy

Some clients who have little experience in writing may think they’re capable of writing the copy themselves.

But let’s face it; copywriting skills take time and practice to master.

You must demonstrate to your clients the invaluable influence of your content writing service on their website’s overall performance and usability.

Great copy is easy to read, appeals directly to your target audience, and is subtly persuasive, helping you generate more leads and convert them into sales.

Whereas throwing something together based on having written a bio for your friend’s band on Myspace 15 years ago only has the opposite effect.

2. Highlight the interdependent relationship between good copy and good design

When it comes to creating user-friendly websites that engage and excite audiences, intuitive web design and high-quality content go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong (thanks Grease for that beaut!).

One simply cannot exist without the other.

Your clients need to understand there is little point in investing in quality designs only to fill the web pages with poorly crafted content.

Professionally written copy will further elevate your fantastic web designs and the website as a whole by delivering your client’s message in a clear way that speaks directly to their audience while also carefully being optimised to rank higher on Google.

3. Tailor your pitch to their unique goals

Similarly to writing engaging copy, if you want to convince your clients to invest in professional copywriting services, you’ve got to speak directly to their pain points.

Express how content can help them better serve their own clients, cast a wider net, and achieve the kind of growth they’re aiming for with less effort on their part.

Whether it’s driving sales, increasing engagement, or improving search engine rankings, they must understand that none of this will be possible if they’ve got poor-quality content.

4. Create an inclusive process

Especially true if you’re dealing with a client who has difficulty letting go of control, ensure your client feels like they can have input into their copy without needing to be responsible for writing it.

Outline that they will receive a certain amount of edits to the copy, and reinforce that your writer has their success in mind. If possible, have them meet their writer before kick off.

To create a more personal experience and to alleviate any apprehension, encourage them to provide plenty of information about their:

  • Brand identity

  • Brand voice

  • Company values

  • Details of their products or services

  • Working process

  • Unique selling points

  • Solutions they provide to their client’s problems

  • Team members

  • The story of their business


5. Highlight your value-added copywriting services

It’s super important that your clients understand they’re not receiving an incoherent AI-generated spiel with a hefty price tag slapped on at the end.

Show your clients the hidden powers of the content writer.

Professional copywriters go beyond writing compelling, entertaining content.

Copywriters are uniquely skilled and trained in optimising content for search engines, meaning they can carry out targeted, local keyword research for your clients and sprinkle it throughout their content to enhance the website’s performance and visibility.

Some specialised copywriters can offer your clients professional content strategy consultations. Creating a cohesive and engaging content plan for their website can give them a clearer vision of where they’re heading.

Want the best results? Partner long-term with a copywriter.

Whether you’re thinking about hiring a copywriter to join your team or outsourcing copywriting to a freelancer or a content writing agency, it’s always wise to find a copywriter that works well for your agency in terms of expertise and company culture and stick with them.

Partnering long-term with a copywriter will not only make your daily life easier, but it will also improve the quality of your output across the board as you will:

  • Save time waiting on your client to provide copy or trying to write it yourself

  • Easily price out the service profitably as you know how much they charge and what you can charge on top

  • Trust the quality of their work and that you will be able to deliver to it on time your client

Want to partner long-term with our team of copywriting experts?

We’re an eclectic bunch of copywriting nerds who love creating awesome content for our wonderful clients!

Get in touch, and let’s talk content 🙂


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