Money Talks: How Much Does A Copywriter Cost?

Eithne MacSweeny

Copywriting is an art. One that dates back to 2007, when the iconic characters for Mad Men were created.

Just kidding. Modern copywriting is said to have originated back in the late 19th century when print media was becoming more prominent, and therefore a need for advertising emerged.

So, as this important skill is well into its second century of existence, why are people today placing less weight on its value?

Robots! That’s why! *Cries electronic tears*

Is it really worth paying for copywriting services?

Content-generating artificial intelligence has recently been made free and accessible to everyone with access to the internet since the launch of Chat GPT and other AI platforms.

This is certainly a good thing if you have absolutely zero budget and need a helping hand in creating content for your digital agency.

However, the quality and consistency of AI copywriting simply can’t compare to that of a skilled, experienced, and empathetic human copywriter.

Expertly crafted content can help:

  • Reinforce your brand voice and identity

  • Position your business as the experts in your field

  • Establish customer trust and awareness online

  • Rank higher and boost traffic thanks to SEO copywriting

  • Connect with your target audience on an emotional level

  • Convert your audience into sales

To put it plainly, focusing on the many benefits of excellent copywriting will serve you better instead of fixating on the cost.

Copywriting pricing models


Most copywriters will charge for their website writing services differently, but these are the most common ways:

  • Per hour

  • Per word

  • Per project

In our experience, you should avoid paying on a per-word basis for website text, especially if you’re paying for conversion copy that needs to be more to the point. You don’t want to be paying for additional copy that drives up the overall cost for you while devaluing the quality of your copy overall!

Things that impact the costs of in-house copywriters, freelance writers, and agencies

Whether you’re considering hiring an in-house copywriter, going to a copywriting agency (hello, we’re here), or opting for a freelance copywriter, there are several factors that will influence the final cost of your project.

Let’s dive right in!

     1. Level of experience


It goes without saying that if you’re hiring a more experienced copywriter, they will come with a higher price tag – and rightfully so!

Copywriting is a unique skill that comes with time and practice. So if you’ve got the budget to invest wisely in your website’s text, an experienced copywriter with an excellent track record is the way to go.


     2. Specialised copywriting


Depending on your industry, you may need to hire a specialised copywriter to successfully convey your message to your audience in a way that makes sense and speaks to them.

Copywriters with expertise in specific niches tend to charge higher rates. Still, their understanding of industry-specific jargon, target audience demographics, and market trends makes it entirely worth it.


     3. Type of project


The type of project you need completed will directly impact your copywriter’s fee.

Copywriters can create compelling content that converts for websites, landing pages, social media posts, ad copy, and whatever else you need content written for.

Depending on the length and complexity of your project, your copywriter will need to charge appropriately to cover the costs of their time and efforts.


     4. Project research


Every project requires some degree of research, and if it’s your first time working with a specific writer, they’ll need some time to get to know your company, your unique brand identity and voice, and your target audience.

If your topic is quite niche and requires a lot of specific information delivered in a particular way, you’ll need to give your copywriter plenty of time to get to grips with it all so they craft well-written content that reflects your company.

You can keep some of these costs down by giving your writer adequate, in-depth information before they start writing to make their life easier while ensuring you receive high quality content.


     5. Strategy and planning


In certain instances, you may need your copywriter to meet with other team members to discuss the scope of your project and how it should be handled, especially for larger, more complex projects.

Let your writer know if you’ll need them to attend any strategy meetings virtually or in person, so they can factor these extra hours into their copywriting rates before they estimate their final fee.


     6. Project deadlines


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was fantastic copy.

Urgency often comes at a premium, so if you’re coming in with last-minute projects you need over the line in a super short space of time, you’ll have to be willing to pay extra.

Professional copywriters generally have a heavy workload. (Why do you think we drink so much coffee? Exactly.)

So, if you’re asking them to drop other commitments and make yours a priority on zero notice, it’s only fair that they’ll need to increase their rates. After all, they’ll be taking on additional pressure and hours to get your project done on time.

How much you should expect to pay for a freelance copywriter or copywriting agency?

Like any product or service, copywriting fees vary vastly from person to person and agency to agency.

And while it’s great that there are low-budget options available for freelance copywriters and copywriting agencies, it’s important to note that, again, like anything, you pay for what you get.

Here are some guidelines on copywriting prices (in USD) based on the type of project and their level of experience.

Copywriting project type

Freelancers or white-labellers

Junior Copywriter (1 – 5 years experience)

Senior Copywriter (5+ years experience)

Agencies (a team of copywriters)

Website copy

$150 – $500 per page

$100 – $300 per page

$200 – $1000 per page

$500 – $1000 per page

PPC advertisement

$30 – $150 per ad

$30 – $100 per ad

$50 – $200 per ad

$100 – $300 per ad

1000 word count blog post

$100 – $800

$100 – $1000

$1000 – $2000

$700 – $1600

Landing page

$300 – $1000

$300 – $800

$1000- $2000

$1000 – $1500


$200 – $1000

$200 – $700

$600 – $1000

$700 – $1400


$150 –  $800

$150 – $900

$500 –  $2000

$600 –  $1500

Ok, so some of those prices may seem a little hefty. But don’t freak out!

It’s important to remember that copywriting is an investment in the future of your business.

Using AI-generated content or cheap, rushed work that is repetitive and devoid of personality will harm your audience’s perception of your business in the long run.

In other words, paying for professional copywriting services is 100% worthwhile and will yield better results down the line, as people are more likely to connect with your brand on a human level.

So, next time you go to generate content using AI, take a moment to think long and hard about how you want your business to be represented online. 

Are you happy with poorly written content that lacks personality? Or do you want to stand out from the crowd and captivate your target audience with compelling, human content?

We can help! Our wonderful team of talented copywriting experts would love to help you reach your business goals and engage your ideal audience with addictive content people actually want to read. Take that, robots!

Drop us an email, and let’s talk content.


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