Taking a digital agency’s content writing troubles away.

Oh stop it, you!

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“We don’t have to even think about content anymore, it just gets done like clockwork."


PatientBoost is a specialist digital marketing and business growth firm who give dental professionals the strategic marketing and business consultancy support they need to grow their practices. Without a dedicated content writer in-house, all of PatientBoost’s clients’ copywriting work fell into the hands of the agency owners. Since they didn’t take on enough projects to hire an in-house copywriter, or have the time to complete their content work to a high standard, PatientBoost asked us for help!


Now, PatientBoost can put their content writing projects for their own agency and their dental clients on autopilot. Their trusted content writing pilots? The Content Lab, of course! Every month, we consistently deliver quality content that requires minimal edits, helping convert PatientBoost leads into long-term clients and freeing up their time to focus on agency growth. 

Want YOUR content completed like clockwork?

Take a content breather and leave all your copywriting to The Content Lab. We write engaging, persuasive copy that converts for digital agencies and their clients.