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The Admin Bar is a popular community of WordPress users led by busy agency owner and co-host Kyle Van Deusen. Kyle needed quality content for The Admin Bar and his own agency website, but didn’t always have time to write blogs and website pages himself. So, he looked to content mills, AI copywriters, and cheap content marketplaces for help. Tired of receiving poor quality content in broken English, Kyle decided it was time to give The Content Lab a try. And from what we hear, he’s pretty glad he did!


The Content Lab put those content mills to shame and showed The Admin Bar what fantastic, SEO-friendly content looks like with awesome customer service to back it up. From writing guest posts for The Admin Bar’s many agency owner members to creating authentic, well-written content that people actually want to read, we’ve been able to free up Kyle’s time so he can focus on running this thriving community and his successful digital agency (OGAL Web). We’ve even hopped on The Admin Bar’s podcast to educate the masses on content writing!

"If you're thinking about hiring The Content Lab, I would absolutely recommend that you do it. I've been absolutely thrilled. They're my favorite vendor I have by far. It's not even close because it's such a stress-free relationship, and I get top-quality content for my agency and for The Admin Bar. So as long as it doesn't take them away from doing my work, I would say to contact them and hire them straight away."

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