Do Blog Posts Have A Good ROI?

Riley Barry

Whether you’re a small business or part of a multinational company, you probably spend a lot of time and money on advertising and marketing.

On average, B2B companies have a marketing budget for 13% of their total company revenue. And with 72% of marketing chiefs agreeing that the importance of digital marketing has grown immensely over the last 12 months – the need to invest in quality marketing isn’t easing up any time soon.

But with such a wide variety of marketing techniques available, it can be difficult to know what’s best for your company’s needs. From PPC to influencers, blogging to email campaigns – business owners like yourself have endless options at their disposal. 

There are pros and cons to all of your options. But in this blog, we’ll focus on blogging ROI to help you determine whether or not it’s a viable marketing option for your company.

We’ll take a deep dive into how blogs work, how to make the most out of them, and whether or not you should consider hiring a professional writer to do your blogging for you.

Should you even have a blog?

Business owners are often too caught up in the goings-on of their day-to-day work to even THINK about setting up a blog – never mind maintaining it weekly!

You might see blogging as merely something for influencers and health-obsessed individuals to do. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, businesses that do have a blog get an average of 67% more leads than those that don’t. 

If you’re already investing your business’ time and money on advertising, email campaigns, and your website, then launching and maintaining a blog is a natural next step that can open up a whole world of untapped potential – with minimal additional cost.

A solid content marketing strategy and an impressive blog can help you increase the number of leads you generate.

With high-quality blog content, you’re more likely to boost your website traffic and yield a positive ROI, as companies who publish blogs consistently generate more revenue from their traffic and leads, too.

Here are 2 more reasons why you should set up a blog for your company:

1. Blogs Boost Conversions


With a blog, you’ll be able to engage directly with your audience and connect with them on a deeper level. By posting interesting and valuable content, you’ll attract more traffic to your site – which is a lot cheaper than paying for continuous advertising.

Having a blog post on your side gives you more control over your brand’s voice and how you communicate with your audience. The more familiar your audience gets with you and your brand, the more likely they’ll convert and become loyal customers.

What makes up your marketing right now?

It probably involves you chasing after your customers in some form or another, urging them to open up emails or praying they’ll click on one of those expensive online ads.

With a blog, you won’t have to chase after your customers. They’ll come to you. And if they like what you post, they’ll keep coming back time and time again. Blogs turn your website into a dynamic marketing tool that helps your business grow and keeps a steady stream of traffic coming to your website.

Most blog content is evergreen too! Meaning it’ll last lot longer than paid advertising, which stops reaping returns the minute you run out of cash. Once you’ve done all the hard work up front to make your blog shine, it’ll keep shining for years to come, doing lots of the heavy lifting for you.

Why is blog content so compelling? And why does it get such a great ROI?

It’s simple. Content isn’t some shady advertisement or a pushy sales pitch. It’s valuable content that your audience can read, learn from, and use in their lives. You’re providing them with a service by giving the gift of information.

Sharing your insights and expertise will improve your audience’s image of you, encouraging them to convert and become loyal paying clients. Why? Because they know you’re an expert who can provide them with the products, services, and information they need.

2. Blogs Can Improve Your SEO & Authority

If you’ve built yourself a popular blog, you can quickly promote your business and position yourself as an authority in your industry. And as an industry leader, you’ll find more opportunities to network with others in your field.

With that kind of influence in your niche, you may even gain the coveted spot: the number one ranking on the search engines!


Blog posts improve your SEO!

By consistently posting new blog posts full of niche-specific topics and info, your website will be able to win over the heart of Google (which is no easy feat!). When your audience searches for terms relating to your industry, your blog posts your website will be the first they see.

Here’s how to ensure your blog posts help improve your SEO:

  • Do your keyword research

  • Include keywords in your meta titles and descriptions

  • But DON’T overstuff your content with keywords

  • Always post high-quality, relevant, original content

  • Include high-quality images with alt text

  • Add relevant stats and links to your blog

  • Make your blog easy to navigate

Why Should You Hire a Copywriter?

So, now that we’ve convinced you that you need to have a blog, how can you – an extremely busy professional – make time to maintain it?

Consider outsourcing your content writing. You don’t have a tonne of spare time on your hands, and you probably need to spend the time you Do have on other aspects of your business.

There are many benefits to hiring a blogging service. If you’d like to learn about how much copywriters cost, why they’re a great investment, and how you can hire the right one – then check out this blog by our own Eithne MacSweeny.

In the meantime, here’s how outsourcing your blogging will help you leverage your ROI.

How Does Hiring a Professional Copywriter Help You Leverage Your ROI?

From a financial perspective, outsourcing your blog will almost always help you leverage your ROI.

A lot of companies aren’t fully equipped to add a blog to their growing list of duties and tasks. Their employees already have pages and pages of work to get through without throwing more onto the pile.

To write effective content for your blog, you’ll need to organise a content calendar, write relevant, optimised blog posts, and schedule them to publish regularly. 

And you’ll to do all this continuously in order to see any return on your blogging investment. This means posting several times a week, as the more content you post, the more traffic you’ll get to your site and the more leads you’ll get in return.

Accomplishing this in-house can be incredibly difficult. You’ll either have to hire a full-time writer that you’ll have to pay a competitive salary for…or do it all yourself. 

The easiest solution is to simply outsource your content to an agency that can take care of everything for you, without the cost of a permanent hire.

But who should you outsource to?

Oh, we know!

If you’d like to get some content taken care of, our team of professional copywriters can help you out.

Here at The Content Lab, we’re experts in delivering content that’ll easily win over the hearts of your audience and drive some well-deserved conversions.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today!


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